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Medeil is an easy to use, quick to deploy pharmacy management software system that increases visibility and control of all pharmacy management processes. Medeil customers benefit from increased accuracy, improved service levels and reduced inventory management costs.



It’s where you take money from the customer in exchange for goods. The main function of your PMS is to automate the sales process and keep a detailed history of all transactions.

Inventory Control

The second most important function of PMS software is to keep track of your inventory. Inventory control means knowing how much inventory you have and how much you need to buy at any given time.


The master is where you will manage your entire repository about merchandising, distributor, hospital, doctor and employee information centrally to handle pharmacy operations more efficiently.


CRM stands for Customer-Relations-Management, it’s how you keep track of customers. Our PMS will help you store a list of customers, Track their purchase history for repeat sales and to conduct product promotions.


Comprehensive easy to use accounting module with strong accounting control features. The module improves inventory and purchasing process, trails accountability and eliminates duplication of entries.


As a pharmacy business, the standard and customized reports will enable you to trace all activities hitherto with real time& historical data at your fingertips. This helps you analyze your operation in just one click.

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< 2000 Records Basic billing/Ordering Multi patient billing/ordering Multi patient billing/ordering
<500 Drug Database <25,000 Drug & FMCG Database <1,00,000 Drug & FMCG Database <1,25,000 Drug & FMCG Database
5 – Reports 25 – Reports <75 – Business Intelligence Reports <100 – Business Intelligence Reports
Expiry Management Expiry + Banned Drug Management Expiry + Banned Drug Management
Barcode solution integration Barcode solution integration
Drug-Drug Interaction
Physician Prescription Interface to pharmacy
Server + Client Integrated Solution

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Pharma-informatics is the combination of pharmaceutical science and applied information Technology. Which may apply in many areas of Healthcare industry, which includes Hospital,Community Retail medical stores, Clinical, Nuclear, Ambulatory Care, Dispensing, Veterinary, and Indian Traditional Pharmacies such us Ayurvedic, Siddha, and homeopathic pharmacies, Herbal drug stores enabling across the globe. Vanuston Intelligence one of the main focus area in healthcare information Technology Company and its practice area of specialized chemist and druggist software MEDEIL Address the need of today’s Pharmacy computerization requirements. Our solutions are addressing the following areas requirements.

Retail Pharmacy

The customized solution of MEDEIL is built up on industry practices to address individual retail chemist and druggist needs. MEDEIL has a rich user interface and robust application which makes it a unique opportunity for small and medium retailers. It proves to be a customerised solution for a combination of independent and multiple system management with affordable cost of ownership.

Veterinary Pharmacy

Veterinary drugs are often very different from those related to human, veterinary pharmacy is often kept separate from regular pharmacies. Our Veterinary Pharmacy Software was developed as per veterinarian and pharmacist needs and is an desktop application, which includes veterinary drug information, expiry alerts, storage, and drug handling, which make the entire prescription generation based on pharmacy stock availabilities, it’s all both pet clinic and pharmacy operations smoothly and effectively.

AYUSH Pharmacy

Ayush pharmacy practice follow traditional model, but its slowly increasing awareness of adopting technology enabled all Ayush doctors. Which our solution allow practitioners to maintain the stock, sales, medication formula management, dosage calculators, generating prescription, managing their finance, and handling raw materials etc….

Hospital Pharmacy

Our entire pharmacy solution allow hospital pharmacies effectively with our solution by maintaining their inpatients details, payments, and doctor information, allow to managing multiple departments drug requirements, expiry and stock management more effectively. We adopt with exciting solution by enabling plug-in’s to exciting hospital management systems which build in oracle java based solution connecting with MySQL databases.


Vanuston delivers technical support, Instant product updates, industry feeds and significant knowledge base to create awareness to the users at all levels of effective pharmacy management. Our Customer Support Managers (CSMs) and/or our sales team will check in with you after your GO LIVE date as part of our post-implementation procedure. We will also call you throughout the year to ensure that your operation is efficiently maximized. Our sales team or Customer Support Managers will use this opportunity to ask you about any new features you would like to see and how Medeil's Pharmacy Management System can be improved to serve you even better. Read More...
MEDEIL PLUS – Medical practice management software keeps the clinics running smoothly with scheduling, prescription, patient management, medication alerts, and other essential business processes. Our in build system help doctors choose Medeil plus is the one that best fits for their practice. Medeil Plus allows integrating their pharmacies and laboratories by Medeil, and Medeil Lab software group products. More details visit us

About Us

Vanuston retail Pharmacy Management System (VRPMS) has been specifically designed in addressing the needs of retailer’s problems. Vanuston works closely with retail pharmacy business owners to understand their growing demands and need for computerized pharmacy management to enable them to perform their business activities effortlessly.
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Vanuston Intelligence make our product to reflect the way that you do business, fulfilling your billing, invoicing, inventory, customer management, accounting and overall business needs.
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The customerized solution of Medeil is built up on industry best practices to address individual retailers needs. Medeil has a rich user interface and robust application which makes it a unique opportunity for small and medium retailers.


  • Automate your pharmacy sale operations
  • Track and manage your inventory
  • Keep track of your sales and profits
  • Quickly build stronger customer retentions
  • Instant snap shot of real time reports
  • Flexible employee security rights
  • Gain control and simplify your business


MEDEIL Free Edition helps small and new medical store owners to initiate their first step to computerize their drug store. Make them comfortable and enables anyone to easily manage their business by MEDEIL. it help pharmacist to serve more attention to their customers, effectively managing stocks, and auto refill sales, drug information, banned drug alerts and more. Please download our free edition on this link

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